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Heart of Texas Animal Rescue

Vaccination Guide


1st Round Puppy(6-8 weeks old): DAV2PPv and dewormer.

2nd Round  Puppy (10-12 weeks old): DAV2PPv booster, bordetella and dewormer.

3rd Round  Puppy (14-16 weeks old): Rabies, DAV2PPv booster, bordetella booster and dewormer.

Annually: Rabies booster, DAV2PPv booster, bordetella booster, heartworm prevention.


1st Round Kitten (9-11 weeks old): FVRCP, FELV and dewormer.

2nd Round Kitten (3 months old): Rabies, FVRCP booster, FELV booster and dewormer.

Annually: Rabies booster, FVRCP booster, FELV booster and dewormer.

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