Serving Midlothian, Mansfield, Waxahachie, and the greater Ellis County area.

Heart of Texas Animal Rescue covers all expenses.

  • Provide food and bowls.
  • Provide crates, blankets and beds.
  • Cover ALL medical care, whether routine or emergency.
  • Heartworm prevention medication and flea and tick preventative. 
  • Pick up foster for vet appointments.
  • We are there for you every step of the way and make the fostering experience as easy as possible for our wonderful foster homes!

  • Provide a safe and loving home until the pet is adopted. 
  • Provide socialization with other pets and people.
  • Provide potty/house training to your foster.
  •  Take pictures and/or video of your foster and provide information to help create a bio to aid in finding a forever home.
  • Help us get them ready for our twice monthly adoption events, like giving the foster a bath, dropping off and picking up at events, or making arrangements for a volunteer to pick up.

What WE do 

What YOU do 

How can YOU make the difference in one dog's life?


It's easier than you think!

Fostering is a rewarding experience! A lot of homeless animals that get rescued are on their last days, sometimes minutes, in a shelter or are found on the streets starving. You watch your foster go from an animal that has given up, is scared and lonely, to a happy and healthy pet that loves and trusts again! You are literally saving a life when you foster for a rescue! 

Harvey was on his last days at a South Texas animal shelter  when Hurricane Harvey was about to reach landfall. His fate was grim until a loving foster stepped up and gave him a place to stay!


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Heart of Texas Animal Rescue